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Our Mission

We Transform Business Ideas into Scalable and Bankable Realities.

We Help Companies Scale and Expand by Completing their Team

In partnership with private and public investors and with entrepreneurs, Innouvo helps transform ideas into scalable and bankable realities through achieving commercial and operational excellence. We help companies scale, expand, grow and compete effectively within continuously changing and competitive marketplaces. We develop and operate within shared-risk ecosystems within which entrepreneurs thrive, value creation is maximized, and synergies occur to create today’s and tomorrow’s leading companies.


Our Expertise

Bold and Passionate about Scaling up Innovation

Innouvo works with private and public investors, as well as entrepreneurs on strategies that help companies win in competitive global markets. Applied systematically and holistically, our impressive experience, skills, resources and expertise help entrepreneurs succeed.

Innouvo designs and leads the execution of innovative programs and services by leveraging our extensive entrepreneurial and corporate experience and expertise. Our executive-level global business knowledge, wisdom and focus, along with our customer obsession ensure that innovation becomes a winning reality.

We maximize returns on investment by driving excellence and by keeping your business interests paramount. We drive your success with our integrity, passion and customer obsession. Employing a systematic approach, we analyze business opportunities, challenge and support stakeholders, thereby accomplishing repeatable growth results that exceed expectations.

Innouvo’s customer-focused solutions help your business investments evolve effectively—from concept, through launch and on to successful growth.


Why You Need Us

Venture Capital is Broken

In these exciting times technology has empowered innovators. However, innovation excellence is still at the initial stages, which too often results in dangerously untapped competitive advantages, and wasted capital and entrepreneurial energies. Achieving stellar results is possible by navigating past these overwhelming challenges:

  • 95% of innovations fail in non-mature ecosystems.
  • 11,000 deals, globally —a mere 2%—of pitch decks are funded by venture capital.
  • 90% of patents never get commercialized.
  • 80% of venture capital firms burn their cash instead of investing it.

Solutions to Beat The Odds

Innouvo can help steer you away from being part of these statistics. You remain in control of your business and economic success when you partner with us, benefitting from our experience, expertise and resources.


Our Values

Relentless Execution with a Focus on Excellence


  • Customer Obsession: We focus on you and help you focus on your customers
  • Pressure for Results: What matters is not the work we put in but the results that come out
  • Uncompromising Integrity: We promise to always tell you the truth even if it’s hard to hear
  • Courageous Tenacity: We are entrepreneurs, resilient and courageous to go where others don’t
  • Passion for Innovation: We love what we do and we hope you do to

Venture Studio Team


Managing Partners



Alistair Schneider

CEO Innouvo

#BusinessModel #AllIndustries #VentureCapital #Growth #ValueBuilder


Alistair Schneider is the CEO and a co-founder of Innouvo. Alistair began his career in Strasbourg, France in Finance before moving to the United States. He spent 10 years in Boston, as well as a year in the Silicon Valley. For the last 20 years he has worked to build, transform, pivot and improve business units, functions and, ultimately, entire companies. These include corporations and startups. Alistair’s passion is to build companies able to compete successfully in today’s ever-changing global environment. This is the guiding force behind Innouvo’s design and execution of custom business programs, geared toward business excellence and investment readiness.




Michel Hussherr

General Partner Innouvo

#BusinessAngel #CommercialStrategies #Negotiations

Michel Hussherr is a co-founder of Innouvo. An entrepreneur, investor and humanitarian, he brings over 20 years of business development and business angel experiences in France, Africa and the United States. Michel is a visionary with an execution bias, thereby pushing teams towards tangible commercial results. An active investor in early stage companies and in real estate, Michel approaches business with an analytical methodology and a focus on human resources excellence. Michel has several successful investments and exits under his belt. This includes Voodoo, which sold part of its equity in a record deal with Goldman Sachs.


Board Advisor



Bijoy Sagar

Business Executive

#CorporateLeadership #VentureCapital #ExitStrategies #ArtificialIntelligence


Throughout his career, Bijoy Sagar has held career executive and board member positions in leading large corporate healthcare companies, such as Serono, Millipore, Merck and Stryker. Recently he was appointed Chief Information Technology & Digital Transformation Officer for Bayer in Europe. In addition, he is advisor to the board of Greylock, a prominent, Silicon Valley-based, global venture capital firm, as well as Innouvo a Boston-based company specializing in business scale ups. He has invested as business angel in various other companies as well. Bijoy has an exceptional track record and background in science, commercial, technology, broad international experiences and venture capital. His deep love of culture, art and literature helps make Bijoy exceptional in his approach to problems, and the ways in which he helps businesses and teams grow to their next level of performances.



Executive Partners


Fredrik Velander

Growth & Product Strategist

#CommercialAcceleration #Software #Enterprise #Medtech #DigitalHealth


Fredrik Velander is a senior sales and business development leader with over 20 years of experience in the software and medical industries. He provides astute strategic planning and implementation of initiatives for direct and indirect distribution channels on a global scale. Fredrik has a track record of securing and managing key market and industry accounts and establishing internal and external long-term strategic partnerships. Fredrik is creative, versatile, empathic and has deep experiences working with startups companies as well as large established companies. He is originally from Sweden and has been living in Boston for the last 20 years.


Azade Hosseini, PhD

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

#ScientificVentures #StrategicAlliances #VentureCapital #ScientificDueDiligence


Azade Hosseini is a global business developer focused on helping companies transform their unique challenges into successful strategic initiatives and delivering quantifiable outcomesShe helps entrepreneurs stress-test their business models, gain market feedback, build networks, and manage relationships. Azade is responsible for generating quality deal flow and leading the technology due diligence activities on behalf of the corporate investors and VCs in our network. As an ecosystem builder, Azade is a key driver in establishing partnerships between various stakeholders across the biopharma innovation landscape and is always pursuing new opportunities for growth.

Prior to joining Innouvo, Azade was a research scientist at Neon Therapeutics (acquired by BioNTech SE in 2020), a Boston-based biotech company specializing in the development of personalized cancer vaccines. Azade earned her doctorate in chemistry from Boston College and completed her postdoctoral training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Derek Mathieson

Scalable and Efficient eCommerce

#Scaling #Analytics #Lean #Healthcare #Pricing #B2B

As a Six Sigma Black Belt, Derek is a strong believer in creating robust processes as the foundation for a scalable business. This belief has served him well as he moved across industries from pharma to manufacturing, and, finally, to ecommerce. He created the pricing strategy for Amazon Marketplace in Germany and he was a key member of launching Amazon in Southeast Asia in 2019.

A science nerd at heart, Derek got his bachelor’s in Molecular Biology and Biomedical Engineering. After completing his MBA from Duke University, he traveled to 60+ countries, worked in four continents, and is currently based out of Singapore.



Darko Spoljaric

Strategic Marketing ROI

#MarketingROI #ComplexSales #InternationalSales

Darko Spoljaric is currently an Executive Advisor to Innouvo Programs with a focus on strategic marketing and turnaround operations. Mr. Spoljaric has over twenty years of leadership and management expertise in various capacities of technology and quality system organizations.

Mr. Spoljaric has held positions such as Vice President of Global Marketing and Customer Service with National Display Systems, and as a Senior Marketing Manager of New Product Introductions at Philips Healthcare. Mr. Spoljaric holds an Executive MBA degree and a BA degree of Interdisciplinary Studies. He lives with his family in Seattle, Washington.




Ronnie Deaver

Digital Marketing, Revenue Automation

#B2C #ecommerce #Digital #Psychology #Purpose #Impact #Energy #Growth


Ronnie is passionate about delivering results leveraging digital marketing and built his career through freelancing, marketing, coaching and hard work. He’s generated millions in revenue through new product launches, managed sites with up to 10 million views per year in organic traffic, created conversion rate optimization campaigns that more than doubled client revenue. After traveling throughout Thailand and Cambodia, studying Buddhism, teaching ballroom dancing and living in a jungle meditation retreat for two months, Ronnie came home to Philly to build roots in the city and be near his closest friends and family. Ronnie leads Web Development teams and SEO Operations and has a proven track record in designing systems delivering outstanding growth.



Chris Kalaboukis

“10X” Business Innovation

#InnovationMastery #SiliconValley #Futurist #VisionBuilder $Allsectors

Chris Kalaboukis is a visionary disruptive innovator, philosopher, engineer, prolific inventor, speaker, and futurist. He is an expert in delivering global foresight, innovation, and programs delivering innovative new products, services, patents and strategies for mid-size and large companies. Chris is named on 85 patents on the internet, social networks, and financial services space. An experienced technologist, he has architected and launched a multitude of apps, both web, and mobile. Over the course of a 25 years career Chris has accumulated a wealth of intellectual capital that he applies daily working with clients. A serial entrepreneur, he has helmed several start-ups from inception to launch. He has authored several books on innovation and the future. Chris lives with his family in the Silicon Valley.




Gary Jinks

Ecosystem Leadership

#EcosystemScaleUps #SiliconValley #VentureBuilder #Allsectors

Gary is an Executive Partner at Innouvo with deep expertise and extensive track record developing high yield innovation ecosystems, building high growth exit focused start-up ventures, business angel investing and venture capital. Gary has created, transformed and launched innovation in the Silicon Valley his entire career. He has led strategic direction and business development for corporate R&D, capturing over $300M in new business. Since 2010 Gary focuses on supporting start-up and venture capital communities. Gary has worked with the top incubators and investors in the Silicon Valley. Gary has also launched incubators, corporate innovation centers, co-working spaces and developed regional ecosystems around the globe. Gary lives with his family in the Silicon Valley.


Innouvo is based in Boston and Strasbourg.

Boston houses some of the best and brightest minds on the planet. It is no coincidence that it is also home to Harvard and M.I.T. The city has a proven track record of successfully bringing innovation to product companies and mind capital. The second-largest VC hub in the world, Boston is the launchpad to the world, for technological innovations.

As the European capital, Strasbourg is the doorway through which companies can gain market access to Europe, including its many emerging countries. Strasbourg is the gateway to the $20 trillion European economy that includes as-yet-untapped economies, presenting immense opportunities for American entrepreneurs and investors.


Sales stars We are looking for entrepreneurial sales stars. Put your Business Development skills to work for the world, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Help us grow our mission, impact and support our alumni in their scale up journey.

Executive Partners We are always looking for the best to join our team. Partner with us, entrepreneurs and investors to help them achieve their sales and marketing objectives.

Internship Opportunity: Join us, learn and grow your competencies as you help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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Press Releases

April 10, 2020


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September 19, 2019


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August 8, 2019


    • Announcement of Name Change of Startups Innovation and SI CAJUBA to Innouvo. Web | Download (pdf)
May 7, 2018


    • Innouvo (SI) Launches New Framework Approach to Bridge Gaps to Commercial Excellence for Venture Projects and Entrepreneurs
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Past Events




November 12th – Eco-city (R)evolution – Panorama on the Golden Age of Green
October 8th – Innovation in Healthcare Roundtable with C-level Executives



September 27th: Boston, USA Innouvo Day
September 25th – October 5th 2019: Strasbourg, FR – Boston, USA Exploration Week.
May 23rd, 2019: Innouvo Day, Investor – Entrepreneur event – Strasbourg, FR.
January 7th – 11th 2019: Meet us at CES Las Vegas, USA.


December 20th 2018: Innouvo Day, Investor – Entrepreneur event – Strasbourg, France.
October 8th-12th 2018: Meet the Strasbourg, France – Boston, USA Delegation.
 June 2018: Training Weekend Bootcamps at CIC, Cambridge, USA.
September, 18th 2018: Innouvo Day, Investor – Entrepreneur event – Strasbourg, France.
January 8th – 12th 2018: Meet us at CES Las Vegas, USA.




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