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Innouvo has published an array of training options to support your desire to explore further the entrepreneurial world. Based on our entrepreneurial and corporate intrapreneurial experiences, we have developed a series of valuable resources to help and empower the next generations of entrepreneurs. Early stage startup founders, aspiring innovators and organizations use our resources to solidify their foundations and augment their chances of success.

Monthly Webinars

“It’s Time to Scale”

Webinars and Q&A


Each month we run these online events in which we answer frequently asked questions, issues and opportunities relevant and custom to international entrepreneurs and investors. Join us or ask us to organize a webinar for your team or group – Contact us to see to qualify and reserve your free seat for a next one!


Best suited for: Healthcare Startups


🌎 Go Global: Why Boston to launch in the USA and the world


  • Biotech, Medtech, Digital Tech, AI companies between their seed and round A
  • Companies questioning if approaching the US market is the right time for them
  • CEOs, founders curious about understanding the best approach to go global and access VC

Speaker(s): Alistair Schneider CEO Innouvo, Alumni Innouvo + 1 Boston ecosystem guest

Minimum participants: 5-10 Companies

Best suited for: All Startups


💲 Round A+ success: Why most startups fail to get to Round A and above 


  • Companies needing to raise their Round A urgently or in the near future
  • CEOs, founders concerned about the overall complexity and environment in VC for startups
  • Companies looking to raise between 1-5m or more in funding after their seed stage

Speaker(s): Alistair Schneider CEO Innouvo, +1 Guest Venture Capitalist or insider to Venture Capital

Minimum participants: 5-10 Companies

Best suited for: Economic Development Agencies


🏦🏗 Attracting more investment and opportunities to your ecosystem


  • Head of clusters and economic development leaders outside the United States
  • Agencies looking to engage their companies more with foreign investments
  • Leaders imagining new and more efficient models for their local economies

Speaker(s): Alistair Schneider CEO Innouvo, Azade Hosseini, Phd Global Business Development VC arm Innouvo + 1 Venture Capitalist

Minimum participants: Management team of cluster(s), we encourage bringing your local peers

Best suited for: US Venture Capitalists


🌍 Why and how US Investors should go about investing in EU companies


  • Venture Capital firms looking to support foreign entrepreneurship and talent
  • Investment firms looking to diversify their investment thesis with Europe
  • Leaders in need of understanding the rational behind exciting EU investments

Speaker(s): Alistair Schneider CEO Innouvo, Azade Hosseini, Phd Global Business Development VC arm Innouvo

Minimum participants: 1 VC firm or 1 Large Business Angel group.

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What’s a Venture Studio

Innouvo’s Venture Studio in Boston is a perfect environment where entrepreneurs and innovators can find the capabilities to build lasting companies

Innouvo’s main Venture Studio is located in Boston’s most innovative hub, Kendall Square. We work with entrepreneurs together with highly experienced experts as well as investors to develop, improve and grow companies. We design programs that help transform business ideas into bankable realities. Startup teams and innovators come to our Venture Studio to find the help they need to solve problems they face throughout their growth journey. Problems are solved leveraging deep expertise from our Venture Studio team and partners. We run workshops of all length, inviting to participate sometimes customers and stakeholders of the startups or innovators we work with to help more rapidly collect data enabling better decisions, and the design of customer centric winning businesses. Made simple: Teams come to the Venture Studio with ideas or challenges, they leave with businesses and solutions. 




The Innouvo Fast Lane


We help advanced entrepreneurs. Sometimes you are just starting and can’t yet just afford partnering with Innouvo. A few years back we wrote this ideal handbook for anyone who has considered becoming an entrepreneur. The handbook takes the reader through the process that startup founders use to launch new products and companies. A great primer to get into the right mindset and give you the high level pathways and terminologies for your venture. Available on



What companies are bets suited for Innouvo’s Solo programs?

Companies with over 1-10m in funding or revenue. 

What companies are bets suited for Innouvo’s Cohort programs?

Cohort programs are best suited for seed stage companies (For EU: 150k – 1M in funding or revenue USA 500k to 5M+)
Are Innouvo’s Venture Studio workshops effective?
Extremely effective. Actually, they are probably the most effective activities you can start with. We guarantee that you shall get in one workshop the value you would normally get in months with other non Innouvo approaches: Identifying ALL key gaps, getting informed and advised to mitigate these. 
Does Innouvo only help with internationalization?
No. We help you grow your sales and venture capital opportunities. If internationalization is a needed step for that then we shall help you globalize your business.  
Are solo programs more expensive?
No, these are either very short or longer assignments with one or several of Innouvo’s Executive Partners. We currently have 15 outstanding talents who can be assigned to your company. Learn more. 
Is Innouvo an incubator?
No, Innouvo is a Venture Studio but we work very closely with public accelerators and incubators to help shape up promising companies to there next levels. We are 100% private and founded by entrepreneurs and investors. Venture Studios offer more intense, customized and relevant approaches to businesses in their stage of traction and growth. We also have a network of investors helping us and our alumni with financial resources and additional business acumen. 





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