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Unparalleled Scale Up Solutions

Innouvo offers the most effective and complete scale up solutions on the market to help high potential early-stage companies’ shareholders achieve higher investment returns. We create tomorrow’s leading companies.

  • We are not consultants; we are scale-up partners, entrepreneurs and investors
  • We are not an accelerator; we work with accelerators to help achieve greater results
  • We are not traditional investors; we are disruptors always setting new and better pathways for early stage investing

We Build Companies

Our extraordinary track record fuses experiences operating in the most dynamic innovation ecosystems as corporate executives, entrepreneurs and business angels. We are partners to our clients from the private and public sector: Startups, Investors and Ecosystems as well as larger and more established corporations.

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We help companies in the space of Healthcare, Eco-solutions, Enterprise through solutions designed with and sometimes for economic development agencies. Our value stems from a mix of expertise, business development within or beyond our existing relations (including public-private partnerships) and access to capital and strategic partners.



Venture Studio Workshops – in Boston

From 2 hours to 1 day workshops

Hyper focused and fast paced workshops for entrepreneurs looking to drive accelerated profitable growth and achieve investor strategies

Innouvo’s Venture Studio is located in Boston’s most innovative hub, Kendall Square. Everyday, we work with talented entrepreneurs to build lasting companies. Founders and startup teams work with us during intense and hyper-focused workshops run on-site or virtually leveraging web-conferencing solutions to leverage our executive partners expertise in driving growth, pushing innovation forward, validating and implement robust strategies. We support innovators with developing and executing successful go-to-market plans, customer development, business model designs, improvements, scaling up business processes, implementing dashboards, identifying and tracking priority key performance indicators (KPIs), designing and stress-testing funding plans as well as building up teams through short targeted trainings.

Track record

  • Market as well as regulatory pathways bullet proofing
  • Strategic advisory to C-Suite executives and co-founders on commercial and Venture Capital related plans
  • Venture Studio 2-day session with startup team to stress test and design business and funding strategy (Raised $2M following workshop)
  • Business Development and sales trainings to help teams focus on profits and revenue at the same time and accelerate sales.
  • Multiple short and full day stress-testing sessions with entrepreneurs to identify gaps and help bullet proof strategies
  • Investor presentation reviews and co-construction


Customized Partnerships

From 1 month and above

Commercialization, marketing, product, revenue, profitability and venture capital leadership at your service. 

Innouvo strategically partners with executives and shareholders in growth-focused companies to design and execute tailor-made, scale-up strategies and pivots. This helps accelerate product development, accentuate competitive advantages and drives global and U.S. market expansion plans through a combination of proprietary methodologies, expertise and leading contributions from highly qualified Executive Partners specializing in Commercial, Marketing and Operational Excellence. Investment readiness and crucial manpower are added to each team to minimize the time spent and to maximize value creation, go-to-market success and growth.

Track record

  • Purpose-story telling alignment, messaging and branding
  • Market Development and Growth Acceleration
  • Commercial and Operational Excellence
  • Exit Pathways and Contract Negotiations
  • Market Validation and New Opportunities Identification
  • International Expansion Strategies and Implementation
  • Strategic and Business Model Gap Analysis
  • Software Design and Technology Advantage Building
  • Product Development and Innovation Delivery
  • Investor Readiness and Communication Coaching
  • Team Building and Growth Culture Realization
  • Pivots and Turnaround Acceleration
Online 3-Month Program 

3-Month duration

Transform your business idea into a scalable and bankable reality

Innouvo’s unique 3-month transformation program is designed for advanced companies looking to scale up and expand their market opportunities, and to accelerate their revenue generation, find attractive pivots and achieve investor readiness. This customer-focused program focuses on driving and guiding advanced startup teams through the process of transforming their business ideas into scalable and bankable realities. These programs are designed to be intense and are driven by our passionate, seasoned Executive Partners, our customer obsession and bolstered by our significant track record for results generation.

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Innouvo Capital Business Angel group

Invest in early in companies shaping the future

Innouvo’s committed investors are motivated to partake and invest in the best companies successfully undergoing the Innouvo Programs. Business angels and venture capitalists are key determinants of entrepreneurial success and the core part of the economic renewal engine. Business angels support entrepreneurs in their quest to create tomorrow’s solutions and companies. Once successful, entrepreneurs often become business angels themselves. This positive cycle is an absolutely crucial part of innovation excellence, ensuring that knowledge is transmitted from one generation of entrepreneurs to the next and that opportunities continue to produce future returns for all. At Innouvo we take pride in promoting and evangelizing business angel work and in defending the interests of our community and our partners.

Investor sponsorship

Innouvo offers sponsorships for investors who want to join the Innouvo Capital community and partake in supporting innovators and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Sponsor benefits include participation in our exciting programs, working with entrepreneurs and ecosystems, engaging in deal flow reviews and due diligence, and investing and growing with these programs. Also included are participation in training and workshops, networking, meeting and knowledge sharing with other highly successful investors, participation in learning expeditions, as well as invitations to several signature events each year.

Investor Training

Innouvo trains investors looking to sharpen their skills and be in a better position to invest in untapped emerging markets and help early-stage ventures succeed. Our Executive Partners have successful track records in early-stage investing and have worked with some of the largest venture capital firms. Innouvo organizes sessions aiming to further evangelize the business angel profession, equipping business angels with Innouvo’s proprietary methodologies and approaches. Business angels’ perspectives are transformed allowing them to identify key risks sooner and to perfect their due diligence and understanding of the startup and scale-up ecosystems and journey.

Innouvo Events

Each year Innouvo organizes several signature events aimed at creating synergies within the community of investors and alumni. During these events investors learn collectively and celebrate the accomplishments delivered by our members and teams. These events are balanced between work sessions, top talent reviews and pitches, as well as energizing and inspiring moments necessary for business success and to promote great work. These events also helps us evangelize the business angel profession and heroism to help entrepreneurs create tomorrow’s companies, economies, prosperity and opportunities for all.


Scale Up Your Ecosystem and Deliver Tomorrow’s Economy


Innouvo collaborates with economic development organizations, key innovation networks and accelerators. Innouvo’s Executive Partners specialize in enabling ecosystem development and excellence and have several decades of proven experiences participating in the growth and success of top-tier innovation ecosystems, in Boston, Silicon Valley, as well as in emerging ecosystems. Innouvo delivers new and high-impact ecosystem-wide transformative strategies, aligned and more cohesive initiatives for the reduction of innovation waste and helps shorten go-to-market timelines for their startups. Innouvo also develops and executes more tangible and effective international attractiveness strategies. We design individualized programs, working hand in hand with our clients and are obsessed about helping them achieve challenging innovation objectives and implement the adequate infrastructure and measurement systems to deliver ultimate economic outcomes and business results within their ecosystems.

Ecosystem Sponsors

Innouvo engages ecosystem sponsors, corporate leaders, socially responsible companies, industry-specific organizations, innovation institutions and high-track-record service providers. They support the success of our different programs and initiatives for entrepreneurs and alumni while helping our quest to simplify and reduce the difficulties that are encountered during the entrepreneurial journey. Ecosystem Partners are driven by the same ambitions, to transform the way in which companies are scaled up and how they achieve innovation and ecosystem excellence. After a thorough matchmaking of needs, onboarded sponsors commit to and provide resources. These include human or intellectual capital and financial support helping to increase and drive higher visibility to our actions and impact. In exchange for such partnerships our Ecosystem Partners participate in various programs, benefit from training sessions, workshops and international learning expeditions at reduced or no cost, depending on their sponsorship level. At Innouvo we often say that innovation takes a village. We look forward to seeing you with us, as part of our network.


Corporate Programs

Partner with disruptors to lead the industrial revolution 4.0 in your market and for your customers

Innouvo frameworks fuse highly effective and offensive startup approaches with corporate execution methodologies, help guide teams from middle- and larger-sized companies implement activities, team training workshops and personalized work sessions designed to evolve strategies, create and improve products, services and processes. Our seasoned Executive Partners have mastered key innovation processes and mechanics to unlock innovation results, drive a greater sense of urgency, transform companies and teams, accelerate turnarounds and deliver growth. These hands-on partnerships with management teams drive critical new insights to support new solutions that respond to today’s rapidly evolving business and market landscapes.

Track record

  • Opportunity Sourcing, Deal Flow Vetting and Qualification
  • Intrapreneurship Culture & Change Management Enablement
  • Internal Cross-functional Innovation Acceleration
  • Agile and stage-gated innovation process improvement
  • Lean Process, Product and Service Development
  • Collaboration with consultancy firms to accelerate disruption
  • Organizational Alignment and Accountability Dashboards
  • Key Performance Indicator Reviews and Improvements
  • Learning Expeditions in Leading Innovation Ecosystems
  • Business Transformation Customized Programs
  • Executive Management Innovation Retreats
  • Compelling stories and call to actions building
  • Thought leaders and Keynote speakers
  • Training and Team Building



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