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AR24 (Acquired by La Poste) is France’s leading digital certified mail service. AR24 modernized traditional certified mailing making them more friendly for our planet removing all needs of paper and more user friendly completely removing the necessity of having to commute to a Post office. La Poste acquired AR24 in 2020.

Hapticmedia has the highest quality 3D configurator technology used by manufacturers and in the luxury sector to allow clients to customize their products.

Keralia offers NewLab a laboratory automation software for scientists to better manage equipments, experiences and collaboration. Keralia is built on the ServiceNow Platform

Taskoya developed a process and task management software and app that helps small and mid-size companies significantly improve their productivity and reliability. Users can create groups and tasks, assign them, track them and review activities in a very simple user interface and dashboard view.

Real Estate

Wehost is a complete marketing and concierge service for apartment and house owners looking to rent their additional room on Airbnb to generate more income while not having to deal with the promotion, administrative activities, and logistics.

Welmo is a digital solution allowing house and apartment sellers to more effectively rapidly and efficiently sell their assets and providing a better experience to buyers than traditional real estate agents and at a lower cost


AI Health

Visible Patient offers new computer-assisted solutions for image-guided surgery through patient-specific 3D modelling. We are working to produce the best 3D models so that physicians can provide optimal patient care

Fizimed specializes in the development of a gamified connected medical devices for pelvic floor rehabilitation in the women health space.

HypnoVR provides the benefits of medical hypnosis in anaesthesia and as a treatment for pain and anxiety to patients, doctors and health institutions.

Kwit developed a smoking cessation app downloaded by millions to help smokers become smoke free leveraging a digital cure using positive reinforcement and mindfulness concepts

Medical Devices

Dianosic develops innovative medical devices to treat emergency nose bleeds and sinusitis conditions more effectively and helping drive more efficiencies and a patient experience during these healthcare processes.

SC Medica develops and has brought to market 2 spinal implant medical devices that helps treat the most common back conditions and pain more effectively and efficiently


Defymed is a company that develops and markets implantable bio-artificial medical devices for diverse therapeutic applications. The company develops breakthrough innovations that enhance drug delivery systems leading to improvements in the quality of life of patients.


Diggers Factory partners with artists to produce timeless vinyl records carefully curated and sold to hundred of thousands of music lovers. The music masterpieces are produced on demand, with no financial risk for the artists and represents a great way for artists to propose a new original way (in the age of digital) to experience his music. We love their “Old thing back” approach of Innovation as well as their ambition to up the entire vinyl listening experience.  

Sommelier Particulier allows wine lovers to discover new wines selected by professional French sommeliers. They provide one shot and subscription to wine packages. They work directly with producers.


Weedoo it has developed a wellness solution for corporate employees. The platform enables improved employee bonding and leverages the value of sport to drive performance cultures when the employee is back to work.




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