Cohort Program


A 3-Month Program Transforming

Business Ideas Into Scalable and Bankable Realities


Innouvo’s three-month program focuses on cohorts from five companies, representing over 150 hours of hands-on mentoring and coaching from executive advisors, C-level executives, entrepreneurs, peers and investors. We fill in the gaps to help each cohort accelerate the commercialization of their product(s), and achieve commercial and operational excellence, while simultaneously reducing the go-to-market risk. Ultimately, our goal is to help companies become investor-ready while reducing their go-to-market risk. We also help complete their team while mitigating gaps for their investors, leveraging our group structured, hands-on approach.


Innouvo guides early-stage companies through its innovation ecosystem and programs to enhance their ability to compete in today’s competitive global market. We shepherd start-ups through an intensive program to develop concrete and actionable strategies for increasing sales and market penetration. We validate their prime business models and develop market-based commercialization strategies, while building relationships with sophisticated and professional talents to help them achieve operational and commercial execution.

Envision Results, Partner with Investors and Entrepreneurs


This was the event in Strasbourg

Objective: Transforming Ideas into Bankable Realities

Along side with other companies in the same stage as you, be guided for 3 months to identify gaps, solutions and opportunities to achieve next stages


  • Achieve Business Model Precision, Repeatability and Scalability and Validation
  • Implement High Growth Yielding Marketing and Revenue Generation Strategies
  • Develop your people and customer relations to accelerate your path to results
Qualification: High Potential Companies and Their Teams

We work with the best and most promising, hard-working teams who can demonstrate the following


  • Revenues ranging from $150k – $1,000,000
  • Funding raised ranging from $150k – $1,000,000
  • Founders and talented teams demonstrating extraordinary grit
Why It Works

A unique recipe for success developed to help entrepreneurs compete and achieve commercial excellence and investor readiness

  1. Precision Transformation

Innouvo’s precise and targeted surgical approach differs from traditional accelerators’ industrial approaches. Traditional accelerators work with us to provide promising ventures from their portfolio a “last mile” solution including our programs and access to our investor group.

  1. Group Approaches and Shared-Risk Ecosystem Model

Our clients are able to access high value competencies, partners, networks difficult to access otherwise and more effectively identify, diagnose challenges and define customized strategies for success, thanks to our group programs and shared risk ecosystem business model.

  1. Hands-on Executive Partners

Innouvo is composed of entrepreneurs and investors. We don’t merely advise. We do. As founders, and accomplished executives, we know it’s not about ideas but about doing the work with you. As one.

  1. Collaborative Venture Capitalists

Innouvo’s proactive due diligence during the screening process is designed with your success in mind. Investors take part in our programs to help you transform your business idea into a bankable reality from day one.

  1. Gold Standards and Focus on Excellence

Our customer obsession and roots in lean methodologies leads us to continuously perfect our approaches and provide our customers the latest and greatest gold standards of entrepreneurship and commercial development.

Achieve Stellar Results and Avoid Overwhelming Failure Statistics

The entrepreneurial landscape is hyper-competitive and global. Only the most sophisticated teams see their targeted upsides become real. Too many are unfortunate to realize large opportunity costs and run out of time. Few of these statistics are:


  • 90%+ Companies fail to be successful due to the lack of a team, execution and funding
  • 95% patents never get commercialized, leading to huge innovation waste
  • 98% Venture Capital deals get rejected or are never looked at due to lack of quality
Innouvo Capital: A Dedicated Business Angel Group

Innouvo’s Capital network represents private as well as public investors committed to fuelling the most talented and promising companies, and engages in the program from day one


  • Our group of 10+ investors together have a $5M investment capacity
  • Innouvo’s committed investments ticket sizes range from $25k to $200k
  • We have demonstrable investment track record in 15 early-stage companies
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