To grow a startup it takes a team, a strong focus and discipline. Below is an example of an organized agenda to go touch on the most important elements to discuss as co-founders, founding / scale up team.


Revenue. sales and marketing needs:

  • Did we execute all items from prior meeting, status update
  • Any burning topics we need to address that are revenue drivers?
  • What traction are we getting, who?
  • How are we doing on our revenue forecast?
  • Who do we have in our pipeline?
  • What do we need to close deals in our pipeline?
  • What marketing needs do we have?
  • What social media strategy, lead generation processes are we executing?
  • Are we building our community up? how can they help us grow?
  • Any other needs?

Operation / scale up execution:

  • Did we execute all items from prior meeting, status update?
  • How are our existing customers doing?
  • What are we learning? Any issues or new problems identified we could solve?
  • Are our customers happy?
  • Are we getting testimonials on our success stories?
  • How can we automate our processes, what software could we use etc.?

Corporate / People:

  • Did we execute all items from prior meeting, status update?
  • Financials: How are we doing on our spending, are we investing our funds in the best places possible? how can we maximize our success? should we shift, reduce or increase any investments?
  • Talent: Last but not least, is our team happy? Do we need to hire anyone? motivated towards success? How can we incentivize our team to partake in our success. Any success fees, commissions, equity / stock options could incentivize them more?
  • Funding / Investors: Do we need to update our investors, be thankful for their support, leverage their support etc.

How to run the meeting? 

  • Keep it short
  • Document action items or use a Trello type software
  • Focus on making decisions
  • Organize follow up workshop to work on stuff

How do you know if the meeting was well run?

  • Is the team executing action items from the prior meeting.


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