Strasbourg – Boston & Co 2021


Season #3: Helping startups & ecosystems scale

Innouvo is the proud coordinator for over 40 partners of the Boston – Strasbourg & Co program which we decided to call Xplore – Innouvo so that we make this initiative more engaging and inclusive for more cities to join us this year. Top companies have been selected to participate in this intense, hands on program that will be helping them transform their visions into realities, adjust their marketing strategies for their target market leveraging Innouvo’s venture studio methodologies and networks. Ready, set go!

 It’s official: The program is now ON! 

Our program and tracks led by and with entrepreneurs, investors, government and people have been designed to foster the right collaboration environment to create opportunities. Our team will be reporting on successes and progress all along the initiative for each track.


What’s in store? Startups, scale ups, growth, globalization, insights, foresights and networking…


40+ network partners have contributed to the development of this program, with each delivering a unique approach to help ALL participants find new opportunities, markets and better grasp the complexities of our continuously evolving and global landscape.

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4 Tracks to create synergies and bring together high profile ecosystems and opportunities


Track 1: Startup Innouvo globalization program: 

🚀 Start up Growth & Globalization: 7 companies from the USA and France have been selected by this initiative’s partners to explore new markets. The program will be driven by Innouvo’s venture studio leaders and in partnership with local ecosystem leaders in both Strasbourg and Boston. Startups participating will be following a leading preparation curriculum and venture studio methodologies focused on growth and globalization. Meet this year’s cohort: 👏

  • Arkam: (Hospitality / EcoCity / Healthcare; Paris)- Stephane Renouard
  • Bone 3D (Healthcare / 3D Printing; Strasbourg) – Jeremy Adam
  • Insimo (Healthcare / SurgeryTech / Training; Strasbourg)- Pierre-Jean Bensoussan
  • Synovo (Healthcare / Software as a service; Strasbourg) – Jeremy Wies
  • Voatz (eVoting, Blockchain; Boston, USA) – Nimit Sawhney
  • X-Sight (NewGen CT Scan, SurgeryTech; Boston, USA) – Winston Chern

Track 2: Nextmed healthcare consortium

🏥 Nextmed: Driving the future of healthcare in the heart of Europe, in Strasbourg, with Boston and leading partners. This consortium-style ecosystem is a catalyst for accelerating sustainable and useful innovation healthcare. Over the years this network has grown to include hospitals, sandbox programs and grants, clinicians, office and lab space, other healthcare entrepreneurs and investors. During the year several events will be organized to facilitate networking, new insights, foresights and opportunities. A full detail program will be communicated soon. The Nextmed ecosystem stems out of Strasbourg, the healthcare district, and includes top notch accelerators that we will be showcasing, real estate projects, as well as other healthcare cluster partners including from Boston, Brussels, Basel, Mannheim and more. Stay tuned for more.

Track 3: Economic Development and Eco Cities

📈 Driving Eco Dev 4.0 and the future with ecocities: Entrepreneurial governments to drive entrepreneurial success and stronger, more sustainable economies: Boston and Strasbourg economic development leaders are coming together to pioneer a fresh model that allows for an open discussion around the ongoing, sometimes challenging, technological (r)evolution. In this track, we invite cities and economic development offices from around the globe to join and share their insights, needs and potential resources that may be useful for others. The goal is to explore new synergies between cities, exchange ideas, and ideally create new partnerships that will bring value to the local economies and create more sustainable cities. Topics will include: Making territories more attractive to entrepreneurs, investors and large employers, as well as, the future of cities: Greener, cleaner, safer and fun to live in!

Track 4: Helping the business “middle-class” partner with startups

🤝Mid-size businesses, startups and creativity mixer: Our ecosystem already contains a strong mix of large corporates and startups. This year we aim to attract more mid-sized companies that are typically impacted by today’s new business realties and invite them to explore the opportunities that exist when partnering with startups and creatives or using their methodologies to grow. Leaders of mid-size businesses will be invited to join, later on, a collective Boston and Strasbourg ecosystem exploration. Stay tuned for more.

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What’s next:


🌌Stay in our galaxy! More information will come to you and engage with us if you see opportunities you’d like to learn more about!


We will be sharing more information about the programs and specific tracks shortly. Until then, please feel free to respond directly to this message with any special interest or questions. Additionally, we are planning to host digital and physical networking sessions throughout the initiative. So stay tuned for more updates!

💪 We look forward to engaging with you

Let’s grow together 🙏

We are grateful for your support and shared vision of creating a collaborative and business-focused initiative together. This is a team effort that requires new ideas and different ways of thinking. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and influence to our network. We want to empower everyone to have a voice- let’s make it happen!

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Contact: Alistair Schneider – CEO Innouvo

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