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Join us in our excitement and positive energy (way needed!) to kick off this new year: Happy new Year!

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Launching the Innouvo Health Newsletter

We are excited to share our first newsletter dedicated to our healthcare innovators. As we reflect on 2020, we are reminded that strong and sustainable human relationships are at the core of any successful business. We are grateful to have such an incredible ecosystem- which includes you- and would like to dedicate this new year to our alumni group. If you are receiving this email, it means that you matter to us (yes, not everyone got this memo!). We truly appreciate having you in our network and are excited for the work we’ve done or will continue doing together.

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Creating synergies within our groups to help transform Healthcare from Boston

In 2021, our aim is to send more periodic updates such as this one and to find new ways to bring the group together to enable even more opportunities for all- we are now close to 200 high quality and sophisticated leaders. Having interacted and worked with you all, I know we can transform healthcare, build extraordinary companies, and solve some of the most immense challenges ahead for healthcare and society as a whole.

Glad to count you in the Innouvo Health Ecosystem

For several decades, the Innouvo team and its co-founders have been blessed to work within this highly rewarding space of healthcare, where purpose can easily be found. More recently, Innouvo has helped over 40 sophisticated teams transform their visions into realities that match market, investor and corporate interests. In 2020, things continued to elevate for us thanks to what is now a powerful ecosystem that you are part of: “A startup is only as strong as it’s ecosystem”. Today, our ecosystem starts in Boston and expands to Europe through Strasbourg, our sister city partner for two years in a row now. Boston is the world’s best healthcare hub, while Strasbourg is transforming into an innovation powerhouse of its own. We are looking forward to seeing more cities join our model.

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Well positioned to navigate and lead the Healthcare (r)evolution 

By now we all see it. Healthcare is undergoing a revolution and it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur in this field. The challenges ahead are immense and the industry is experiencing disruption- evolving demographics, globalization, and the merging of technology, digital, AI and biology are opening new worlds of possibilities. Our future is being defined now and we need to ask ourselves what we want it to look like. As part of this ecosystem, we will lift you up. You can count on us when you need us. These times will be rewarding, so let’s continue this good work together.

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CEO Innouvo
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If you do not wish to receive these updates from me, just let me know. Please don’t hesitate to respond to these as well. This is meant to be an exchange – looking forward to hearing from or meeting you next!


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