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Access to Our Capital

Intellectual Capital

With over 100 years of collective commercial, operational, and financial experiences, Innouvo has developed a business process evaluation and excellence framework based on lean methods in order to evaluate sources of process waste and risk in business plans. With a systemic approach to a process that is too often viewed as chaotic, Innouvo can bring structure and discipline to accomplish results.

Network Capital

Over the last few years, Innouvo has participated in numerous entrepreneurial and venture capital ecosystems from within the Boston and Silicon Valley entrepreneurial communities. Network Capital is vital to de-risking a new venture as shared knowledge and wisdom reduces the “repeat error” variable. Innouvo has assembled a large network of key organizational insiders, decision makers and service providers that support the needs of the entrepreneurial community. Access to such various levels of talent, expertise, and resources significantly increases the likelihood of a startup successfully advancing from the Concept stage onward to Launch and Growth stages.

Financial Capital

Innouvo collaborates with a select group of visionary business angels, and private and corporate venture capitalists, who help us sharpen our strategies, identify market segment targets, and appreciate the quality and thoroughness of our analysis’ which can accelerate the deal making process. A third-party endorsement from Innouvo can contribute to de-risking funding a business plan.




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