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How it works

Innouvo Capital Network



Startups – Scale Ups

A robust vetting process that delivers a lot of feedback and connections to qualified investors who can make a difference for your company. You will be exposed to a network of business angels, VCs and corporate venture capital.

Cost to present:

  • None
  • This is a benevolent meeting to help early stage companies cross the so called “Death Valley”
  • At Innouvo we believe in entrepreneurship and leadership: We want to enable tomorrow’s game changers

Business Angels – VCs

Monthly meetings to listen to advanced  companies qualified by our members. You will also get first look at companies freshly out of the Innouvo Venture Studio Programs and be able to join in providing feedback or more directly with them.

Apply to Present


Only companies referred by our lead investors can present to the group. Apply to get your company known and reviewed by one of our members. If there is some interest we shall discuss with you next steps to present. If you are a business angel looking for information on our memberships and annual events please also complete the form below.


Proud members of the New England Venture Capital Association in Boston



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