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Consulting Services

To support clients on a reoccurring weekly or monthly basis, Innouvo offers various hourly subscription service support programs with the specific intent to add advisory capacity to an ongoing entrepreneurial team, accelerate success and reduce risks. This Service is ideally suited for an existing Innouvo client management team that has an existing Commercial and Operational Excellence (COE) plan in place and in practice with performance metrics set forth within the revenue targets.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power, and Innouvo has prepared access to various knowledge modules to share with our clients. An array of high impact learning resources and training offerings is accessible to empower entrepreneurs acquire the level of sophistication they will need to launch their business. Example topics include how to build a team, understand funding options, building credibility in front of clients, and managing c-level executives and experienced investors.

Commercialization Support

Bringing a technology to market and identifying the right talent can be extremely time consuming and, requires a certain set of skills or time that not all tech or scientific entrepreneurs have available. Failing to execute on early market outreach, strategic network development and not reaching out soon enough to potential customers has huge repercussion on the chances of success of a startup. Innouvo offers clients ready-to-hire commercial talent and supervision services to help these entrepreneurs augment their market outreach capabilities and results.