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We explore the world, that’s why we love it, care for it, and create innovation that bring value: Meet us in one of our locations


Are you like us, international digital nomads?




We work from Boston, USA, Strasbourg, Miami, Dominican Republic, Saigon, you name it!


Join one of our hives to discover new markets, opportunities and people


Build for yourself and your business a powerful network and distributed teams





The world is flat, Digital gives us choices

Run your business while travelling or living in new places

Make moves that work for your top and bottom line

…and importantly: Stay inspired


Find a hive that meets your needs: We’ll set you up


Our team will connect you with a local correspondent who will advise you on stays, budget, visa and which ecosystems will be best for your business and personal journey objectives. We also offer world tour packages which allow you or your employees to work remotely from around the world following the footsteps of the greatest innovators who found their eureka moment while travelling. Gone are the days of having to work for old school employers obliging you to lose hours of your life to commute to work to be in a cubicle. Explore the world, expand your mind. Our Hives network will allow you to do just that. Contact us!



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