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Corporate Intrapreneurship

In today’s global market place, corporations are faced with competitive head-winds but also the challenge to maximize employee engagements and retention. Corporate intrapreneurship – in which management endorses the support design thinking, change management, and cultural sensitivity in order to enhance or develop new technologies, services, or customer support systems – can be used to gain a competitive market advantage through the improved employee and customer engagement and maximizing the resources of the company.

Innouvo brings an array of intrapreneurial experiences from both small and large corporations. We offer various services to corporate clients to partner with them to inject within their organization and motivate transformational change towards risk taking what we refer to as the three “I”s:


    • Insights: developing a customer-based hypothesis and proving it out with data.
    • Imagination: how to envision future solutions, financial modeling and the execution plan.
    • Implementation: skills and methods to transform ideas into results faster.


Innouvo offers short impactful webinars to corporate leaders who are in charge of driving innovation acceleration and culture. In these webinars we share insights, techniques and answers questions on key topics participants find important.

Culture Coaching

We tailor coaching services that provide corporate teams with insightful, applicable implementation and commercialization methodologies that are used within most intrapreneurial companies, in the venture capital world, and within the best innovation ecosystems. Leveraging these lean tools and philosophies our one of a kind consultants help employees increase their business acumen, become passionate about their objectives, understand better the compelling reasons for innovation, empower them to become more productive, and help create better performing cross-functional teams and who can potentially achieve faster results and ROI.

Deployment Consultancy

Innouvo partners with corporate clients to help drive accelerated innovation and transformative cultural change. We can support the design of new products, improve business model processes and support the development of embedded high performance intrapreneurial cultures. With a strong set of tools, experiences and network from both the corporate and venture capital world, we can pair these perspectives to provide unique and high impact frameworks, intensive workshops and approaches to each client. Our clients partner with our consultants leveraging a unique know-how, credible track records, business creative skills and expertise to drive the change and the results they need to turnaround their business or stay ahead of their leadership position.

Open Innovation Programs

Innovation today is led from the outside in. We help corporate clients develop open innovation strategies and campaigns in order to attract the most talented teams of innovators to work on their biggest challenges, expand their networks within the best innovation ecosystems, connect them with those who think differently, and provide an outsider look. Finally, we help them stay abreast of longer term market changes and customer needs through helping them identify, analyze the marketing data and voice of customers.