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Innouvo works with private and public investors, as well as entrepreneurs on strategies that help companies win in competitive global markets. Applied systematically and holistically, our impressive experience, skills, resources and expertise help entrepreneurs succeed.

Innouvo designs and leads the execution of innovative programs and services by leveraging our extensive entrepreneurial and corporate experience and expertise. Our executive-level global business knowledge, wisdom and focus, along with our customer obsession ensure that innovation becomes a winning reality.

We maximize returns on investment by driving excellence and by keeping your business interests paramount. We drive your success with our integrity, passion and customer obsession. Employing a systematic approach, we analyze business opportunities, challenge and support stakeholders, thereby accomplishing repeatable growth results that exceed expectations.

Innouvo’s customer-focused solutions help your business investments evolve effectively—from concept, through launch and on to successful growth.

What We Do


Innouvo helps de-risk private and public investments by helping companies compete effectively—and win—in global competitive marketplaces. Our customized solutions and programs transform your visions into reality:

  1. Public and Private Investor Advisory Programs

We offer targeted and specific advice on setting up frameworks, shared-risk ecosystems and programs that support and maximize value, and de-risk private and government venture capital investments.

  1. Cohort Programs

Our cohort programs run every quarter. We have programs available for applications, as well as those we run for our public or private investor clients.

  1. Solo Programs

From diagnosis and market research to the identification of opportunities and onto designing workable solutions, we help your startup succeed. We do this by providing full entrepreneur-in-residence services, such as strategic marketing, revenue growth acceleration, customer development, product roadmap alignment and operational excellence.

  1. Innouvo Capital Investor Group

Our investor group participates in deal flow reviews, programs and training, choosing to invest in the most promising ventures.

Why you need us


In these exciting times technology has empowered innovators. However, innovation excellence is still at the initial stages, which too often results in dangerously untapped competitive advantages, and wasted capital and entrepreneurial energies. Achieving stellar results is possible by navigating past these overwhelming challenges:

  • 95% of innovations fail in non-mature ecosystems.
  • 11,000 deals, globally —a mere 2%—of pitch decks are funded by venture capital.
  • 90% of patents never get commercialized.
  • 80% of venture capital firms burn their cash instead of investing it.

Innouvo can help steer you away from being part of these statistics. You remain in control of your business and economic success when you partner with us, benefitting from our experience, expertise and resources