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Statistics continue to show that approximately less than 3% of investment presentations reviewed by investors have a chance of getting funded. Entrepreneurs often seek funding to scale but do not provide sufficient comfort levels to investors for them to invest or see the full potential of their idea. When this happens, most often, no or little detailed feedback or recommendations are given leaving the entrepreneur wondering what went wrong and somewhat lost with regards to what to do next.

Using a systemic phased approach, Startups Innovation customizes or configures solutions to best meet the needs of where your business is today versus the desired state to accelerate from one stage to the next along the paradigm of Concept, Launch, or Growth stages:

Business Gap Analysis

Often the most undervalued yet important phase, Startups Innovation will review in detail the business case material, financial models, investment presentation, and conduct interviews with the management team to identify and prioritize current gaps hindering the achievement or progression of the current short-term business objectives. For each gap identified a detailed and actionable mitigation plan will be proposed so that the client’s team has the information necessary to be able to execute on proposed actions.

Based on the outcomes of the Business Gap Analysis, Startups Innovation can propose a single or multi-phased approach to building a Commercial and Operational Excellence (COE) plan. Investors are driven by Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), and the COE needs to address specifically areas of investments in exchange for revenue and margin objectives, as well as performance metrics and timelines.

Commercial Excellence

Various factors contribute to a business that executes with commercial excellence. Yet in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, these factors are often less debated within the management team than the topic of the innovation itself that will be commercialized. In order to demonstrate commercial execution capabilities to investors between Concept, Launch, and Growth stages, Startups Innovation works with the entrepreneur’s management team to carefully design a staged approach to commercial excellence that includes factors such as profitable revenue modeling, B2B versus B2C strategies, pricing programs, customer segmentations, and customer service programs. A Commercial Excellence plan is then supported by an Operational Excellence plan.

Operational Excellence

The ability for a new business to scale with its growth and commercial successes is paramount to keeping customers and investors happy and engaged. Startups Innovation recognizes the importance to develop an Operational Excellence plan that is in stride with that of the Commercial Excellence plan to assure that factors such as supplier management, finance cost allocations, and material risk is aligned with the needs of the business. Operational Excellence focuses on meeting customer expectations while continuous operational process improvements are engrained within the culture of the business.  


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